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Body suit for dogs recovering from surgery in blue
Body suit for dogs recovering from surgery in blue

Suitical Recovery Suit

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Suitical Recovery Suit
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The Recovery Suit reduces stress, fear and uncertainty after an operation when compared to an Elizabethan collar. The suit will keep your dog from being able to get to the incision. As it's not tight fitting around the belly area, air can circulate around the wound serving to keep the area dry in order to heal. Furthermore the suit helps keep the dog warm after surgery when the dogs core temperature drops. Comfortable, breathable and lightweight as well as hygienic in use. The suit does not have to come off when taking the dog outside to relieve itself. Just undo the rear end of the suit and roll it inwards at the belly or fasten it back up onto the outer side of the suit at the base of the tail. The interior of the Recovery Suit is light to ensure that any discharge of fluid from the wound can be observed. If the wound leaks, a sanitary towel or a panty liner can be inserted on the inside of the suit or between the double layers on the belly. Can also be used for light incontinence or when the dog is in heat. Just fit a sanitary towel or panty liner on the inside of the suit. Another great use is when weaning puppies, allowing the mom in with the puppies, but keeping them from nursing. 
Machine wash cold. 
Made from 94% Cotton and 6% DuPont Lycra. 
Large range of sizes covering all breeds of dogs. 

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