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Hurtta Dazzle Dog Harness
Hurtta Dazzle Harness for dogs

Hurtta Dazzle Dog Harness

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Hurtta Dazzle Dog Harness Orange and Yellow
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The Dazzle Harness is shaped like the Active Harness and is padded for comfort and to avoid rubbing. It's very adjustable and can be adjusted both at the neck and the chest for the best possible fit. Very durable and sturdy harness that is easy to put on and take off. Due to the buckles on both sides of the harness you put the harness on and take it off without having to touch the dogs legs/paws. Strong handle on top for close control in situations where it's needed. 3M reflectors for added safety and visibility in the dark. Please see size chart below.

Size is based on chest circumference measured right behind the front legs.

Size Chart for Hurtta Dazzle Harness

SizeChest inch/cmNeckline Inch/cm Dog Weight lbs/kg
16"-18"16"-18"/40-45cm11"-14"/28-37cm0-30 lbs/0-15 kg
18"-24"18"-24"/45-60cm14"-18"/35-45cm10-30 lbs/5-15kg
24"-32"24"-32"/60-80cm18"-22"/45-55cm20-65 lbs/10-30kg
32"-39"32"-39"/80-100cm20"-29"/52-74cm65-110 lbs/30-50kg
39"-47"39"-47"/100-120cm26"-35"/67-90cm110-175 lbs/50-80kg

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