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Hurtta Dazzle Harness - Lupine and Kiwi
Kiwi Dazzle Harness and Collar

Hurtta Dazzle Harness - Lupine and Kiwi

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Hurtta Dazzle Harness - Lupine and Kiwi
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For everyone who loves purple, you'll be excited to hear that Hurtta has launched the Dazzle Harness in Purple as well as a new High Visibility color, Kiwi (fluorescent green). The harness is sturdy with a padded breast plate down along the sternum and a padded piece on the back. The robust handle on top is great for close control and for helping the dog in tricky footing. 3M reflectors on the padded pieces as well as threaded into the straps makes the dog even more visible to passing traffic. The harness has complete shoulder freedom and the four adjustable points ensures the perfect fit for any shape of dog. Two durable snap buckles makes for easy on and off as you can just slide the harness over the dogs head with no need to  touch the dogs legs or paws.
Available in 5 size to accommodate a wide range of dogs.
Size is based on the dogs chest circumference taken right behind the front legs. 

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