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Comparing Winter Dog Coats

Which of our warm winter dog wear should you choose for your dog?

We have a good collection of winter wear for your dog. But which option should you choose and what would work best for your dog? We design all our product based on our own experiences as well as feedback from our wonderful customers. Our dogs are very active and outside many hours every day in any kind of weather, so it's imperative that they are kept warm. Our three warmest winter garments are the  Dakota Snow Suit, Minnesota Winter Coat and Ohio Fleece Suit. They are all warm and provide great coverage of your dog, so which one you should choose very much depends on the dogs coat and the climate you live in. Other factors could be wether the dog has issue with having its legs touched and some dogs don't like wearing clothes that cover their hind legs. You know your dog best and we are happy to guide you along the way.

Ohio Fleece Suit: For those who just need a little warmth but not a winter coat or snow suit, the fleece suit is ideal. 2 layered fleece fabric makes this suit nice and warm and easy to wear. The fleece has wicking properties that make it ideal to dry a wet dog and as the suit doesn't have any zippers, buckles or velcro it's works well for long term use. The dog can still go to the bathroom while wearing the suit as it doesn't cover behind or between the hind legs. The fact that all four legs are covered makes the suit warmer than other designs as dogs often get cold on their hind end and start shivering. All our products are sized so they can fit big/large chested dogs like Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Bulldogs etc., while still fitting slim dogs like Poodles, Doodles etc. Available in 6 colors: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink and Purple, in 10 sizes (14"-34").

Minnesota Winter Caat: Our newest addition to our line of products. Easy to use, quick to put on and take off so is suitable for all dogs, especially those that don't like their legs covered or touched. Great coverage with the high collar and the long he's that can button underneath the dogs tail. The flaps can be buttoned back on the inside when you want to give the dogs room to get their business done at the beginning of the walk. The elasticated leg straps are adjustable to avoid the dog getting a wedgie from straps that are too tight which is the case on outer dog coats. There are two leash opening s on the back that can be buttoned up when not in use, one for a harness and one for a collar. Two drawstrings at the neck, one at the base and one up by the ears. The chest flap is very adjustable to fit as many shapes of dogs as possible. The strap closes with a plastic snap buckle and has reflectors for visibility in the dark. Rip-stop, wind and waterproof outer shell, 150g insulation and a smooth lining to avoid hair getting stuck. Available in 2 colors: Black and Neon Orange in 10 sizes (12"-31")

Dakota Snow Suit: This is a four legged snow suit that covers the whole dog, apart from the paws, tail and head. Especially suited for snow and very brutal condition as the added coverage will insulated the dog in the best possible way. It will also prevent snowballs on the legs on dog that have longer coat. Zipper down the back eases the on and off. What makes this vary from a coat, is the coverage of the legs which makes it warmer. Downside would be that it's not as easy to put on as the coats as you need to feed the dogs legs through the sleeves and then zip it up. However when the dog is used to it, it's a breeze. Ideal for dogs that don't like to have anything pulled over their heads. Warm and waterproof it's a must-have if you live in an areas with cold brutal winters with lots of snow. Comes in 11 sizes (12"-28") in 5 great colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Silver and Neon Yellow.

The fleece snood is a perfect addition to either of the above, for those that live in areas with really brutal areas or if your dog has sensitive ears that can crack when it's very cold. The drawstring helps to keep it in place and the dogs get used to wearing them very quickly. Available in 3 colors: Black, Red and Orange in 6 sizes (12"-22").


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help with sizing. 

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