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Comparing Dog Raincoats

What is the difference between our raincoats for dogs?

How do I choose a raincoat for my dog and what is the differences between the Hurtta Rain Blocker, Monsoon Coat, Drizzle Coat, Downpour Suit and Euro Dog Designs own Connecticut Raincoat. I will try to describe to you the differences between the models and guide you in the right direction to suit your needs. Which one to choose is mostly a matter of preference, whether your dog has a long or short coat, coverage needs, shape of the dog and which features are important for you.

Connecticut Raincoat: This is a new product for the Euro Dog Designs brand, introduced fall 2019. The shape is based on the best selling Hurtta Torrent Coat which has been discontinued but greatly missed. This raincoat is priced well and will do a good job of keeping your dog dry and clean when going for walks in the rain and slush. The wrap around chest flap keeps the bottom of the dogs chest protected and is very adjustable to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes, and the button under the tail secures the coat even when it's very windy. The EDD raincoat comes in Red and High Visibility Yellow in 9 sizes (12"-28"). If you have more than one dog you can take advantage of the volume discount offered on this coat. The Neon Yellow matched the Weekend Warrior accessories. 

Drizzle Coat and Monsoon Coat: The only difference between the Monsoon Coat and the Drizzle coat is the heat reflective foil lining which is only found in the Drizzle Coat and the seems on the neck have been taped vertically on the Monsoon Coat to make it completely waterproof. The foil lining is a new technology found in top human brands but for dogs, so far only in Hurtta products. The coats are lightweight and the outer fabric is weather proof and quiet so even skittish dogs are happy to wear them. Very suitable for dogs that don't like their legs touched. Quick and easy to put on and take off. The Drizzle coat matches the Casual line of Harnesses, Collars and leashes.

Rain Blocker: If you need a rain coat that covers as much as possible of the dog, but have a dog that does not like it's hindlegs covered, then you need the Rain Blocker. It has the front leg sleeves that give great protection of the front legs and the whole chest, and the back end has long flaps that covers the thighs. Zipper down the back. This coat is not suitable for dogs that do not like their legs touched. The tricky part about the Rain Blocker is that the lower neckline adjustment is placed on the inside of the coat, and therefore many don't notice and therefore don't get that adjustment made. This means that the coat ends up sitting too far back and down over the dogs shoulders, for a weird fit and sloppy look. Comes in an ECO version for the environmentally conscious that can be matched with the ECO Weekend Warrior accessories.

Downpour Suit: For dog that need all four legs covered the Hurtta Downpour Suit is what you need. Ideal to keep longhaired dogs dry, clean and snowball free as you'll only have paws, tail, head and belly exposed. The rest will be protected in the waterproof shell. No lining so it's suitable for spring, fall and winter. Short haired dogs will also benefit from the added coverage. Like on the Rain Blocker, the neck line adjustment i placed on the inside of the suit and can be hard to detect, but is necessary to adjust in order for the suit to fit as it should. All the black accessories will match the Downpour Suit.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or if you need help with sizing. 

Thank you,

Katja & Mia


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