What is the difference between Hurtta's warm coats for winter?

There are currently three different warm winter coats in the Hurtta Range: the best selling Summit Parka, the now discontinued Ultimate Warmer, and the newer Extreme Warmer. I will describe each of them and compare the pros and cons to each other. Thickness wise they are all pretty much the same, so which one to choose is a matter of preference, shape of the dog and which features are important for you.

Summit Parka: The Summit Parka was introduced for the fall/winter 14/15 season as a replacement for the classic Winter Coat. Just like the old version the Parka is very easy to put on and take off with no need to touch the dogs legs. There have been a number of improvements made to this coat such as the leash opening on the back to attach a leash to a harness, a neck cover to keep the dogs neck dry and warm, plus an adjustable back length by adding a bungee at the tail end to ensure the perfect fit. The chest flap is smaller than on the Winter Coat to accommodate slimmer dogs like Border Collies, Papillons, Havanese etc., but still covers the large chests of dogs like Dobermans, Boxers, Great Danes etc. The cut at the shoulders have been changed to cover more than on the Winter Coat where the shoulder was more exposed. Little cuffs at the leg openings as well as the bottom of the neck ensures optimal comfort and fit. I find that dogs with large shoulder area get a better fit in the Extreme Warmer than in the Summit Parka due to this shape in the shoulder area. Going up a size can help. The Summit Parka comes in Black, Pink, Orange and a new Camo Green which is exclusive to North America.

Ultimate Warmer: This coat varies from the other two mainly by the way the chest flap attaches. It's attached on the left side and closes with a buckle on the right. This means you have to feed the left front leg through and some dogs don't like to have their legs touched. This construction also means that there is a limit to how tightly it can be adjusted, so on very slim dogs, it can be hard to get it to fit snugly around the chest. In these instances the Summit Parka is a better choice. The neck cover on the Warmer is a bit more tunnel shaped and this means that it provides a snug feel but also that it's not suitable for dogs with very large heads or thick/short necks like Pugs, English Bulldogs, Pit Bulls etc. For dogs with slim necks this coat is great as it gives great coverage. The backend is a great feature, as it together with the neck cover gives a sleeping bag feel. The coat shapes around the dogs back end without restricting movement and stays in place like no other. There is a button on the back flaps, that buttons under the tail which ensures the great fit, even on very active dogs. When undone the flaps can button to the inside of the coat to keep them out of the way while the dog does it's business. The Warmer has a 'skirt' which ensures total shoulder freedom while still giving coverage which means it has a better coverage of the shoulders than the Summit Parka. 

Extreme Warmer: New innovative technology are the main features of this great dog coat which is probably one of the warmest dog coats on the market. A heat reflective foil lining makes this coat warmer than any of the others though still light weight. This technology is found in top human brands but no other dog coat on the market. The built in snood can be pulled up to cover the dogs ears agains brutal cold temperatures to avoid cracking of the tips. It's a very very popular coat due to it's easy to use design that fit most shapes of dogs. Just pull it over the dogs head, chest flap between he front legs and close it around the chest of the dog. No need to touch the dogs legs. Nowadays most dog owners use a harness on their dogs and the Extreme Warmer of course has an opening on the back to attach a leash to a harness. The chest flap is rather large which is great for dogs with big/large chests like Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Bulldogs etc., but can still be adjusted in enough to fit slim dogs like Poodles. New colors have just been added so that apart from the basic granite you can also get a great high visibility orange and great red color called Lingon. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions or if you need help with sizing. 

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