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Hurtta Weekend Warrior Dog Collar
Weekend Warrior collar in Raven, Currant, Neon Orange and Neon Lemon

Hurtta Weekend Warrior Dog Collar

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The Weekend Warrior line consists of Collar, Harness and Leashes and match the Hurtta coats. 
This collar is very soft, padded and wide to distribute the pressure to a larger part of the dogs neck, and therefore be more comfortable than a narrower collar. It's similar in design to the Adventure collars and Dazzle collars, but softer. The leash attachment has been placed as to not put pressure on the snap buckle, and the 3M reflectors light up at night for great visibility.
In stock in 4 sizes in 8 colors

Want to match your new collar with a coat?: 
Hedge ECO and Raven match the Rain Blocker 
Currant and Raven match the Drizzle Coat
Park Camo and Coral Camo match the Extreme Warmer
Orange and Raven match the Summit Parka
Raven match the Downpour Suit

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