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Petosan double headed toothbrush, 3 sizes
Petosan double headed toothbrush, 3 sizes

Petosan Double Headed Toothbrush

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Petosan double headed toothbrush
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The Petosan double headed toothbrush is a cleverly designed tool to clean your dogs teeth as effectively as possible, as quickly as possible. The double headed toothbrush cleans both sides of the teeth at the same time and is guided by the teeth to make the brushing a smooth and hassle-free experience. Cleans the inside and outside of the teeth at the recommended 45 degree angle and targets the vulnerable area between teeth and gum line. Contains high quality Dupont Tyne Nylon filaments with the appropriate softness required for pets. It is not recommended to use human toothbrushes on dogs as they are too hard for the sensitive dog mouth. Please watch the video for tips on how to get your dog used to teeth brushing in the best possible way.
Recommended by Cesar Millan.

Available in three sizes:
Small (dogs 7-15 lbs)
Medium (dogs 16-34 lbs)
Large (dogs 35+ lbs)

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