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Hurtta Adventure dog collar
Hurtta Adventure dog collar

Hurtta Adventure Dog Collar - size 10"-14"

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Hurtta Adventure Dog Collar
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The Adventure Collar is made from soft and comfortable neoprene and breathable mesh fabric. The width of the collar distributes pressure over a larger area for the comfort of the dog. Sturdy buckle and ring to attach a leash which is positioned to minimise the pressure on the dogs throat. High-visibility 3M reflectors improve safety in the dark.
The Hurtta Adventure Line consists of a matching Collar, Harness and Leash plus an LED light that can attach to each of those. All products are equipped with an easy-to-use, strong fastening mechanism for the Light. One light fits all products in the range, making it easy to reposition the light if necessary.
The Polar LED Light is sold separately.

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