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Hurtta Trail Pack
Hurtta Trail Pack. Backpack for your dog

Hurtta Trail Pack

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Hurtta Trail Pack
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The Hurtta Trail Pack is a versatile backpack for your dog, that can be used with and without the bags. The two parts of the Trail Pack are fastened together with light, discreet and easy-to-use flat clips, placed so they don't chafe the dog, even when the backpack is loaded. The bags are designed so that the weight of the items packed, settles optimally on the dog's shoulders. The back section of the harness covers most of the dog's back and is designed to follow the dog's body and allow sufficient movement of the shoulders. The straps around the chest and waist have been placed for optimal fit. To make packing easier and ensure that the packed items stay in place during movement, there are elastic bands inside the bags for securing the items.

The harness alone can be used for regular walks and as a safety harness in the car. The Harness is adjustable at the waist, chest and neckline for the perfect fit for your dog. Padding in essential places to avoid rubbing and make it comfortable for the dog to wear. A handle at the top for added control in tricky situations or when the dog needs assistance. Two leash attachment points, one at the neck and one at the back of the harness. 3M reflectors for added safety and visibility in the dark.

The carrying capacity of a dog is highly individual and depends on the size and strength of the dog a well as physical fitness. The load must never exceed 20% of the dog's own body weight. So if your dog weighs 50 lbs, do not load the bags with more than 10 lbs combined weight. Be sure to balance the weight of the load evenly between both bags.

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