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Hurtta Cooling Harness
New Hurtta Cooling Harness for your dog

Hurtta Cooling Harness

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Hurtta Cooling Harness
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New Cooling Harness from Hurtta. Two-in-one use, being a proper harness that also helps keep the dog cool on hot summer days. Cools the dogs chest area. Just rinse in cold water, wring the excess water out and apply to the dog. The fabric will help keep the dog cool while evaporating. The water bottle can be filled with cold water to prolong the cooling effect. Do not freeze the water bottle but can be cooled in the fridge for maximum effect.
The cooling period depends on the temperature, humidity, and size of the dog.
Available in Light Blue and Lilac in three sizes:, 18"-24" (45-60cm), 24"-32" (60-80cm) and 32"-39" (80cm-100cm).
If you dog measures right in between sizes (24" or 32") I recommend going with the smaller size option. 

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