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Hurtta Casual Y-Harness 5 colors
Hurtta Casual Y-Harness 5 colors

Hurtta Casual Y-Harness - Size 35"-39"

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Hurtta Casual Dog Y-Harness
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The new model of Y-harness from Hurtta is also known as an H-Harness. It sits further back from the dogs armpits than the original style Y-harness and is therefore ideal for dogs that have a tendency to be chafed behind the front legs. Also perfect for long backed dogs like Corgies, Basset Hounds and Dachshunds as the leash attaches further back on the dogs back. The Y-shape allows complete freedom for the shoulder and puts the pressure at the very base of the neck and sternum to protect the sensitive neck from pulls. As always padded with neoprene for comfort, and safety is thought of with 3M reflectors woven into the nylon straps. 
Adjustable chest strap where the size indicates how big the strap adjusts out.
Machine washable.

Available in the four new gorgeous colors from the Casual line: Heather (Purple), River (Blue), Lingon (Red) and Ash (Grey) in 8 sizes: 14" (35cm) - 39" (100cm).

Hurtta has changed the name of the sizes for the Casual line, so what was before called size 28" is now called size 24"-28". The sizing now indicates the range of adjustability of the harness rather than what it adjusts out to. Hopefully this will not cause too much confusion, and you are of course welcome to contact us for help if you have any questions [email protected]

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