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Suit designed for hound type dogs
Suit designed for hound type dogs

Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall - Raven

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Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall
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Warm and fashionable quilted overall made for slim built dogs like Whippet, Greyhound, Poodle, Basenjii, Chinese Crested, Ibizan Hound, German Pinscher, Pharaoh Hound, Galgo etc etc. Ultra Sonic quilting that is water-resistant combined with a warm wadding keeps your dog snug on city walks. The fabric makes no noise and is therefore ideal for dogs that are skittish about wearing clothes. Zipper down the back and drawstrings at the neckline and waist ensures a great fit. Due to the shaped the dog can still use the bathroom while wearing the overall. Leash opening on the back so that a harness can be worn underneath. High collar offers protection of the neck. As on all other Hurtta products 3M reflectors have been placed strategically to keep your dog visible in the dark.
Available in sizes 12L (30L) to 28L (70L) in Raven (black) 

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