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Hurtta Y-Harness New - Black, Cherry 47
Hurtta Y-Harness New version in Black

Hurtta Y-Harness New - Black, Cherry 47"

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Hurtta Y-Harness New Style
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New updated Hurtta Y-Harness. This new style has a piece along the back that ensure the chest strap sits further back and away from the armpits. This prevents chafing on sensitive dogs and distributes the weight and pressure further back on the dogs shoulders and body and away from the neck area. The neck line on this harness is quite generous and I find it's most suitable for dogs with large neck areas like Bassets, Bulldogs, Labradors, Golden Retrievers etc.

Like the old style Y-Harness this one has neoprene padding along the neckline for added comfort and to avoid chafing and rubbing of the skin and coat. Especially suitable for dogs with neck and back injuries to take the pressure of the sensitive neck area. However any dog can wear a harness for walks to prevent neck injures and to make it more comfortable. The Y-Harness does not fix pulling issues, but it protects the dogs sensitive neck and spine from the constant pressure and leash jerking that a pulling dog causes.

This harness has been discontinued so limited stock available in some size/color combinations.

Sizes 32" and up run big in the neck area so I recommend going down a size if you have a slim necked dog. 

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