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Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness
Weekend Warrior with neoprene padded chest plate

Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness

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The Weekend Warrior harness from Hurtta is similar to the Active Harness, but the neoprene padded chest piece is not as wide. This is ideal for dogs that don't have as much room between the front legs. The material used is also softer than on the Active and especially Dazzle harnesses. The back is also neoprene padded and features a handle which is great for close control or assisting the dog in bad footing.
Adjustable in 4 places, each side of the neckline and each side of the chest. Reflectors make the dog visible in the dark.
Available in Currant (matching the Drizzle coat) and ECO Green (matching the Rain Blocker Jacket) in 4 sizes fitting 16" to 39" chest.

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