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Hurtta Outback Boots
Hurtta Outback Boots

Hurtta Outback Boots, Size XXL - Pair of 2

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Hurtta Outback Boots
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Hurtta Boots for dogs!! High quality dog boots for walking and hiking on rugged surfaces or for tough weather conditions. Prevents snowballing, and ice accumulation between the pads, plus cracking of the pads. Very suitable for walking on sand to prevent cracked and sore pads. Also great for keeping salt off the paws when city walking in the winter. Comfortable and ergonomic design. Soft and durable sole with excellent grip. Easy to put on and take off. Made from Weatherproof Houndtex® soft shell. Machine washable. Sold in pairs of 2 (which means for two paws, not all four) in order to accommodate dogs that need different sizes front and back, or if you need to replace one boot, you don't have to buy a set of 4. Measure the width of your dogs paw. 
See measuring chart for size.
Make sure the velcro is securely fastened and to keep an eye on your dog while wearing the boots so you can catch if the velcro comes undone.

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