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Hurtta Dazzle Dog Collar

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Hurtta Dazzle Dog Collar
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The Hurtta Dazzle collar is brand new for the 2015/16 Fall/Winter season. This buckle style collar is quite wide (1 1/2" - 2 1/4" depending on size) which means it distributes the pressure across a large area, to make it more comfortable for the dog. This makes it very suitable for dogs with sensitive necks and for working with dogs where there is pulling on the leash. The new materials used are more resistant to fading. Neoprene padding makes it comfortable and gentle on the skin and coat. The 3M reflectors makes your dog visible in the dark for added safety. Available in 4 sizes in high visibility Orange and Yellow.
I find that these collars run a little small so I would size up. My dogs neck is 16" and size 14"-18" is adjusted all the way out, which means the padding doesn't cover the whole collar. 

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