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Facebook Photo Competition Rules

Posted by Administrator on 7/22/2013 to Competitions
Facebook Photo Competition

It is yet again time for a fun and exciting Photo Competition on my Facebook page. 

This time the subject is 'Fun outside'. It's finally spring and we are all able to get out in the nice weather with out dogs. We want to see the pictures........ The picture can be anything as long as it's while having fun outside.

We aim to see as many different breeds of dogs as possible, as that makes it more fun for everyone so encourage your friends to enter as well.

We recommend submitting pictures of good quality, clear and sharp for the best chance of winning. Grainy, dark and poor quality pictures are not very pleasing and therefore usually don't get any votes.

  • One picture per dog. The picture can have more than one dog in it, but each dog can only appear in one picture each.
  • You must be the owner of the dog and have the rights to the photograph.
  • The picture may not be photo shopped.
  • Limit 5 pictures (dogs) per person


Competition is open for entries from Tuesday May 21st to Sunday May 25th 2014. Winners will be announced on Monday May 26th 2014. 


There will be a panel of judges picking their top 5 pictures in each group and points given accordingly. There will also be a public vote which will consist of the amount of likes each picture gets. The picture with the most likes will get 5 points, second will get 4 points, third 3 points, fourth 2 points and fifth 1 point.

How to enter:

'Like' our Facebook page. Then find a great picture of your dog. It doesn't matter if it's a head shot, body shot, funny, playing, cute etc, just pick your favourite outdoor picture and send it in an email with the following information to:
  • Your full name
  • Dog's name
  • Dog's breed
  • Which item on my website is your favourite
Only entries including all the above information will be posted.

The prize:

Winner will receive one of the brand new Hurtta Cooling Vests in choose of size and color (value $30).

We will not tolerate any negative comments on any of the pictures posted in the competition. This is supposed to be fun and an opportunity to share our lovely dogs and enjoy each other pictures. Negative or rude comments will be removed and the poster will be banned from the page.

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