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Hurtta Extreme Warmer - Camo
Extreme Warmer dog coat is the best when it snows

Hurtta Extreme Warmer - Camo

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Hurtta Extreme Warmer - Camo
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The amazing Extreme Warmer winter coat in brand new camouflage colors. Full coverage of your dog thanks to the high neck and built in snood, as well as the hugging shape of the backside, for a sleeping bag feel. Heat reflective inner lining as found in human ski jackets provides extra warmth for your dog when the winter temperatures drop. Warm insulating layer and waterproof outer shell. Keep your dog warm and toasty all winter and on really, really brutal days we recommend combining it with the Hurtta Body Warmer

To determine what size you need, please measure your dogs back from withers (very base of the neck by the shoulder blades) to the base of the tail.

Please note that these coats are not indestructible. They are made from highly technical fabrics to ensure optimal warmth as well as being lightweight and noise free. 

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