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Soft and warm fleece sweater for your dog
Soft and warm fleece sweater for your dog

EDD Colorado Fleece Sweater

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Euro Dog Designs Colorado Fleece Dog Sweater
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Practical fleece sweater for you dog. Great for use on chilly days, for layering, or as jammies in the house as they don't have any buckles, zippers or velcro and are therefore suitable for long time use. Double layered fleece for extra warmth. Strong wicking properties keep the dog warm while drying after a bath or being out in the rain. Elasticated tuck to ease on and off.  
Comes in four great colors, Orange, Pink, Purple and Grey in 10 sizes fitting dogs from Miniature Pinschers to Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Great Danes.

Does not have a leash opening on the back but a harness can be fitted on top. I recommend the Hurtta Active Harness or Hurtta Dazzle Harness as they are both adjustable in the neckline as well as the chest and can be used with and without the Sweater underneath.

The fabric used for these Sweaters is a regular fleece quality (100% Polyester). Machine washable warm. Hang dry.

Please be aware that the fleeces are NOT sized like Hurtta and the Dakota Snow Suit and Connecticut Raincoat. 
Measure your dog from the breastbone in front, along the side to the base of the tail. The number you get is the size you need. 
Generally the dogs need a size 4" bigger than Hurtta etc.
If you have a female dog and want more coverage (they don't need room to pee underneath) you can go up a size.

When dressing the dog, pull the sweater over your dogs head, fold the front leg and feed one leg through each leg hole at a time. Then pull the sweater back towards the tail. 
When undressing I recommend gathering the sweater up behind the front legs, lowering the dogs head and pulling the sweater out over the head, then letting the dog step out with the front legs. This is also the most gentle way for older and stiffer dogs.

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