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Dog Walker Sweater
DogCoach Dog Walker Sweater

Dog Walker Sweater

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Truly brilliant lightweight sweater with full length double zipper designed especially for the dog walker, trainer, hiker etc. this is a fantastic product that fits well, is comfortable and has lots of features to make your everyday dog walks or training easier and even more enjoyable. The sleeves and sides are made with very a stretchy and breathable fabric and the front and back are padded. Sleeves have a hole for the thumb so you can keep your hands warm while working with your dog.
Removable rubber lined treat pocket that can be secured with snap buttons in the large front pockets of the sweater. A clever hing mechanism  holds the pocket open so you easily can get to the treats. One treat pocket is included with the sweater, and more can be purchased separately if you want one in each pocket or just extra to switch between. High collar with a built in squeaker to get the dogs attention or for recalls. Large pocket that covers the back, and has a zipper closure on each side so you can gain access with either hand. Ideal for large motivational toys. Pull through for waste bags on both front pockets. A small breast pocket to keep a dog whistle handy. Zip pocket on the inside has a feed through for your headset cord. Several rings and loops placed strategically around the Sweater. 

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