Measuring your dog

for the Hurtta Harnesses 

These are the measurements needed for the Hurtta Harnesses:

2. Neckline is taken from the widest part of the dogs neck, i.e. from the base of the neck. 

3. Chest is taken from the widest part of the dogs chest right behind the front legs. 

The Harnesses are sized by the chest circumference 

measured right behind the front legs. 

The sizes indicate the biggest (and smallest) 

adjustment for the chest strap. 

Neither of the Hutta Harnesses are 'anti pull' but are designed to move the pressure from the sensitive neck area to the dogs chest and shoulders.

Which model of dog harness to choose is very much a matter of preference and taste. 

However there are some designs that fit certain shapes of dogs better than others. 

Here's a description and comparison of each of the Hurtta Harnesses to make it easier for you to choose which would be best suited for your particular dog and needs.

Old Style Y-Harness:

The original Y-Harness has always been very very popular and fit snugly on the dog. It provides complete shoulder freedom and moves the pressure from pulling, tovthe sternum between the front legs, as well as along the shoulder blades. The leash attachement sits right by the top of the shoulder blades.

Slim dogs (like Dachshunds, Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Poodles etc)

get the best fit with the old style Y-Harness.

New Style Y-Harness:

In 2015 Hurtta redesigned the Y-Harness to allow for more room at the armpits. This was to prevent rubbing in this sensitive area of the dog. The leash attachement sits further back on this harness and it doesn't fit as snugly around the dog as the old style. The leash ring is attached to a loop on the harness which allows it to move side to side on the dog. Snap buckle to one side of the leash attachement. You need to feed one front leg through the harness when putting it on the dog. The neckline on the new y-harness is more generous than the old style and therefore more suitable for dogs that have a larger/wider front or a lot of fur around the neck. The chest strap on this model sits further back away from the armpits and therefore not at the biggest point of the chest, therefore the sizing runs big. 

Dogs that have thick necks or wide fronts (Bully breeds, Collies, Corgies etc) 

does well in the new Y-Harness as it's got a bigger neckline than the other two.

Casual Y-Harness:

The Casual Y-Harness has been improved a bit from the 'New Style Y-Harness' (above). It has two snap buckles, one on each side of the leash attachement. This makes it easier to put on and take off as it just slips over the head and snaps around the chest. No need to touch the dogs legs. The ring for attaching the leash is now secured so no more sliding to the side like on the previous Y-harness. The neckline has been made 1"-2" smaller in all sizes so it fits more shapes of dogs. 

Suitable for most shapes of dogs.

Padded Harness:

This model fits snugly and has a strap that goes across the front of the dogs chest. I find it discourages pulling more than any of the other harnesses due to the design. It also has a handle on the back that can come in handy if you encounter a tricky situation or need close control when encountering other dogs etc. Also ideal to support dogs that are old or weak when walking. The ring to attach the leash is placed on the handle. This harness has more neoprene padding than the Y-harness as the chest strap is also padded.

Dogs that are chesty (Dobermans, Sight Hounds, Boxers etc) 

get the best fit with the Padded Harness.

Active and Dazzle Harness:

Adjustable at both the chest and neckline, these harnesses can be fitted perfectly to most any dog regardless of built. Also perfect for growing puppies. Shoulder freedom combined with a sturdy handle on the back . Wide padded chest plate along the sternum and up along the shoulders distributes the pressure when pulling for optimal comfort. Snap buckles on both sides ensures easy on and off without having to lift the dogs leg. The Dazzle Harness in high visibility and has large patches of 3M reflectors on the padded areas as well as woven into the nylon straps. The Active Harness has reflective piping.

Suitable for all shapes of dogs, even growing puppies, 

due to the adjustability of both chest and neckline.

Adventure Harness:

Similar to the Active and Dazzle Harnesses as it's also adjustable at 4 points and has two snap buckles for easy on and off. It also has a padded chest plate along the sternum but it's not as wide between the front legs as the two other harnesses. It does not have a handle on the back and also doesn't have the padded piece on the back so it's a lighter harness. The Adventure line is designed with a little button to attach a LED light to keep your dog visible on nighttime walks.

Suitable for all shapes of dogs, even growing puppies, 

due to the adjustability of both chest and neckline.

Trail Harness:

The Trail Harness is basically the Trail Pack without the backpacks. Additional to the chest strap it has a strap around the waist. Neoprene padding along the sternum and front of the shoulders as well as along the back. Handle is placed at the middle of the back and the 2 rings for leash attachments are placed on top of the shoulder blades and at the very back.

Suitable for medium and large breed dogs like 

Weimaraners, Vizslas, Boxer, Retrievers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks etc

If you have questions or need help with sizing 

please feel free to email us at

[email protected]


Padded Harness
Size cm / inchNeckline cm / inchChest cm / inch
35cm / 14"37cm / 15"30-35cm / 12-14"
45cm / 18"40cm / 16"40-45cm / 16-18"
55cm / 22"42cm / 17"45-55cm / 18-22"
60cm / 24"45cm / 18"52-60cm / 21-24"
70cm / 28"55cm / 22"60-70cm / 24-28"
80cm / 32"60cm / 24"70-80cm / 28-32"
90cm / 35"70cm / 28"80-90cm / 32-35"
100cm / 39"75cm / 30"80-100cm / 32-39"
110cm / 43"85cm / 33"90-110cm / 35"-43"
120cm / 47"90cm / 35"100-120cm / 39"-47"

Padded Y-Harness
Size cm / inchNeckline cm / inchChest cm / inch
35 cm / 14"30cm / 12"30-35cm / 12-14"
45cm /  18"34cm / 13"40-45cm / 16-18"
55cm / 22"39cm / 15"45-55cm / 18-22"
60cm / 24"42cm / 16"52-60cm / 21-24"
70cm / 28"48cm / 19"60-70cm / 24-28"
80cm / 32"60cm / 24"70-80cm / 28-32"
90cm / 35"64cm / 25"80-90cm / 32-35"
100cm / 39"76cm / 30"80-100cm / 32-39"
110cm / 43"86cm / 34"90-110cm / 35"-43"
120cm / 4790cm / 35"100-120cm / 39"-47"

New Padded Y-Harness
 Size cm / inchNeckline cm / inch Chest cm / inch
 35cm / 14" 32cm / 12" 30-35cm / 12"-14"
 45cm / 18" 38cm / 15" 40-45cm / 16"-18"
 55cm / 22" 43cm / 17" 45-55cm / 18"-22"
 60cm / 24" 48cm / 19" 52-60cm / 21"-24"
 70cm / 28" 55cm / 22"60-70cm / 24"-28" 
 80cm / 32" 60cm / 24"70-80cm / 28"-32" 
 90cm / 35" 66cm / 26"80-90cm / 32"-35" 
 100cm / 39" 76cm / 30"80-100cm / 32"-39" 
 110cm / 43" 90cm / 35"90-110cm / 35"-43" 
 120cm / 47" 92cm / 36" 100-120cm / 39"-47"