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Buster Food Cube in Blue and Magenta
Buster Food Cube in Blue and Magenta

Buster Food Cube - Soft

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Buster Food Cube - Soft
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The Buster Food Cube works like a treat ball, but due to the cube shape it's harder for the dog to get the treats out, so it keeps the dog entertained and challenged for longer. The inside of the cube is spiral shaped to keep the treats from falling out to easily. Suitable for either feeding the dogs kibble to slow them down and activate, or as a pastime with the favorite treats. Recommended by dog behaviourists.

The Buster Food Cube - Soft is made especially for use on hard flooring like hardwood, laminate and tile, as it makes less noise.

Available in Blue and Magenta in two sizes:
Mini for small dogs under 20 lbs. I recommend using small size kibbles or treats. Holds 1/2 cup of dry food. 3" square.
Regular for larger dogs over 20 lbs. I recommend using medium sized kibble or treats as large kibble will be hard to get out. Easily holds 1 cup of dry food. 5" square.

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