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Buster Body Suit for Dogs - XXS 13
Comfortable body suit for dogs after surgery etc

Buster Body Suit for Dogs - XXS 13"

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Buster Body Suit for dogs
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Buster body suit for dogs, is a comfortable protection after surgery or in case of skin disease, allergies, incontinence etc. Soft and flexible material that is easy to put on and take off. Offers protection of incisions without restricting movement. It also provides a wrap feeling that calms the dog as well as warmth two things that are important after the stress and trauma of surgery. Keeps the incision out of the dogs reach but still allows airflow for healing and you avoid the dreaded cone. Double fabric layer at the belly enabling pads to be inserted in case of fluid leaking, incontinence or for females in season. Reliable press button closure. 

Buster Body Suit is perfect for:
Postoperative Care
Wound Care
Hot Spots and other skin ailments
In case of skin disease
In season

Made from Cotton/Elastane. 
Machine washable warm (40ºC).

Instructions for use:
  1. Bunch up the suit and put over the dogs head first. 
  2. Feed each front leg individually through a sleeve at a time. 
  3. Pull the Body Suit as far back as possible over the body (be careful not to pull on any wounds on incisions). 
  4. Put the closing flap between the hind legs and insert the tail thought the tail opening. 
  5. Attach the closing flap on the velcro tabs on the loin and secure with the press buttons.
For bathroom breaks, undo the press buttons and velcro tab and pull back the fabric. Roll up the fabric under the abdomen and above the back.

Only size XXS left!

To determine what size you need, measure your dogs back length from collar to base of tail and choose the size that corresponds. If your dog measures between sizes, choose a size up. Below is a size guide to give you an idea of what size your dog may be, but the best thing is to measure your dog to ensure you get the correct size.

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