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Sizing of Equafleece and Hotterdog

Posted by Administrator on 6/26/2014 to Measuring charts
How to measure for Equafleece and Hotterdog fleece products

Sizing of Julius-K9 Harnesses

Posted by Administrator on 6/19/2014 to Measuring charts
How to measure for the Julius-K9 Harnesses

Facebook Photo Competition Rules

Posted by Administrator on 7/22/2013 to Competitions
Rules for Photo Competition on Euro Dog Designs Facebook Page

Hurtta Breed Guide

Posted by Administrator on 6/18/2013 to Measuring charts
Breed guide for Hurtta Dog Wear (Coats, Harnesses & Collars)


Posted by Administrator on 11/11/2012
How to handle returns and exchanges.

Hurtta Materials

Posted by Administrator on 9/29/2012 to Dog Wear
Information on materials used to make Hurtta products and washing instructions

Why Choose Hurtta Dog Wear?

Posted by Administrator on 2/13/2012 to Dog Wear
A little bit about the brand.

Sizing of Hurtta Harnesses

Posted by Administrator on 1/17/2012 to Measuring charts
How to measure your dog for the Hurtta Harness 
and what size to choose.

Hound Collars

Posted by Administrator on 11/3/2011 to Measuring charts
Information about Sighthound collars 
and how to measure for them.

Portrait of our Golden Retriever

Posted by Katja Henriksen on 8/26/2011 to Pet Portraits
The story about our Golden Retriever and 
the beautiful portrait painting of her.

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 Sizing of Equafleece and Hotterdog
 Sizing of Julius-K9 Harnesses
 Facebook Photo Competition Rules
 Hurtta Breed Guide
 Hurtta Materials
 Why Choose Hurtta Dog Wear?
 Sizing of Hurtta Harnesses
 Hound Collars
 Portrait of our Golden Retriever

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