Petosan Microfiber Fingerbrush Cloth

Part Number:POS12072
Petosan Microfiber Fingerbrush Cloth
Petosan Fingercloth Oral Cleaner for Dogs


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The oral cleaner microfiber finger toothbrush by Petosan makes cleaning your dog's teeth easy. It helps remove plaque and bacteria in the mouth with regular use. Just slip the finger cloth over your index finger and the strap on your  middle finger. Gently wipe your dog's teeth and gums without applying pressure. Rinse the cloth regularly during use in lukewarm water. Just rinse and hang dry after use and it'll be ready for next time. Ideal approach to regular teeth cleaning that is easy and stress free.
Made from antimicrobial, chemical free self-cleaning microfibre.
Please watch the video below for the best way to get your dog used to the teeth cleaning routine.


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