Hurtta Slush Combat Suit - Raspberry Size 10M

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Hurtta Slush Combat Suit - Raspberry Size 10M
Beiwer Terrier, Billie, looking mighty cute in her new Hurtta Slush Combat Suit size 12XS
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    The very poplar Slush Combat Suit has been discontinued in the Granite/Raspberry (pink) color combination.

    Perfect for rainy days when you have a long haired dog. We all know how wet and dirty they can get, and what your house looks like when you get a dog like that home after a walk. The Slush Combat Suit covers your dog from head to tail and when you take off the suit after a wet walk the dog is dry underneath and all you have to do is dry the head and paws.
    Waterproof shell with no lining or insulating layer. Easy to put on and take off the dog with the sipper that goes all the way down the back. Dry it off with a damp cloth or machine wash when it gets too dirty.

    Please watch the measuring video, measure your dog and check the size chart to determine which size you need for your dod. Back length is the main measurements, and then the chest and leg length determines which size to choose within a back length.

    When trying the suit on your dog, make sure to tighten the lower neckline, like shown in the video, in order for it to sit correctly around the neck, rather than back on the shoulders.

    Hurtta Slush Combat Suit Size Chart

    Size cm/inchBack Length cm/inchNeckline cm/inchChest cm/inchLeg cm/inch
    20S / 8S20cm / 8" 34cm / 13" 42cm / 17" 4cm/1.5"
    25S / 10S25cm / 10" 38cm / 15" 48cm / 19" 7cm/3"
    25M / 10M 25cm / 10" 42cm / 17"52cm / 20" 8cm/3"
    30XS / 12XS 30cm / 12" 38cm / 15"46cm / 18" 3cm/1"
    30S / 12S30cm / 12"50cm / 20"50cm / 20"8cm/3"
    30M / 12M 30cm / 12"54cm / 21"60cm / 24" 9cm/3.5"
    30L / 12L 30cm / 12" 44cm / 17" 52cm / 20" 11cm/4"
    35S / 14S 35cm / 14" 56cm / 22"60cm / 24"9cm/3.5"
    35M / 14M 35cm / 14" 56cm / 22"68cm / 27" 11cm/4"
    40XS / 16XS 40cm / 16" 50cm / 20"60cm / 24" 3cm/1"
    40M / 16M 40cm / 16" 60cm / 24"60cm / 24" 12cm/5"
    45XS / 18XS45cm / 18" 54cm / 21" 62cm / 24" 5cm/2"
    45M / 18M 45cm / 18" 68cm / 27" 76cm / 30" 15cm/6"
    50M / 20M50cm / 20" 68cm / 27"90cm / 35" 17cm/7"
    55M / 22M55cm / 22" 68cm / 27"90cm / 35" 17cm/7"
    55L / 22L 55cm / 22" 72cm / 28"92cm / 36" 28cm/11"
    60M / 24M 60cm / 24" 86cm / 34"92cm / 36" 24cm/9.5"
    70M / 28M 70cm / 28" 100cm / 39" 115 cm / 45" 26cm/10"
    70L / 28L 70cm / 28" 80cm / 32"104cm / 41" 28cm/11"
    80M / 32M80cm / 32" 104cm / 41"120cm / 47" 30cm/12"

    Hurtta Slush Combat Suit sizing explained


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    • Keeps dog dry & clean
    • Prevents snowballing
    • Waterproof
    • Lightweight & comfortable
    • Opening for harness
    • 3M reflectors
    • Machine washable

    Customer Reviews

    5 Stars
    Great Product
    I am very happy with the Hurtta Slush Combat suit for both of my small 9 pound dogs. They fit really well and the material is high quality. I have ordered many other items from Euro Dog Designs and am very happy with all of their products and service.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Seattle. on 12/20/2017
    5 Stars
    I have Hurtta Slush Combat Suits for all my Bearded Collies and Havanese. They keep them completely dry - with boots - in rain or snow, without them overheating. Great for avoiding snow balls and really letting them enjoy the great outdoors no matter what the weather, while keeping them (and the house) dry and mud free. Great also if showing, as they do not make a mess of just groomed coats, but do save the dog getting wet and dirty on potty breaks.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from BERLIN. on 12/13/2017

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