Hurtta Trail Harness

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Hurtta Trail Harness
Hurtta Trail Harness in Raven
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    The Hurtta Trail Harness is similar to the harness on the Trail Pack but without the packs. Made for hiking, trails, or just daily walks. Neoprene padded along the chest and sternum as well as on the back. Adjustable at the neckline, chest and waist for the optimal fit. Two rings for leash attachment. One at the front and one at the back. Study handle on the back is ideal for close control in tense situations or to support your dog on rocky and uneven surfaces. 3M reflectors light up to keep your dog visible on dark walks. 
    In stock in Raven in two sizes. Size indicates the dogs chest circumference.

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    Q: Hi! Just how similar is this harness to the one that comes with the trail pack? In the pictures it looks structurally identical - it even appears to have the slide on attachment points for the packs. Can it work with the packs? If so, are the packs currently or will be sold separately? Or... will the trail pack combo come in new colors? Thanks!
    Asked by: Maya - 8/30/2017
    A: Hi Maya,

    Thank you for your interest in the Hurtta Trail Harness. The Hurtta Trail Harness is the same harness as the Trail Pack. The difference is that the Hurtta Trail Harness is designed for the common trail hikes or long walks. The Hurtta Trail Pack is for long rugged extended hikes where you may need to have a more supplies. I am checking to see if the Trail Packs will work on the Trail Harness and if they are sold separately so I will be in contact with you soon.
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    Answer provided by:  Diana Wenzel (8/31/2017)
    Q: Where do you measure the dog to see what is the correct size? Are the 2 sizes you offer based on the girth of the chest? I have a female shepherd, a bit on the small side.
    Asked by: MJ - 11/23/2017
    A: Hi MJ
    The Trail Harness is sized by the Chest circumference measured around the biggest point right behind the front legs.
    Thank you,
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    Answer provided by:  Administrator (11/23/2017)
    Q: Where are you measuring on the dog to get the different sizes? Thanks
    Asked by: Randy Vess - 8/23/2018
    A: Hi Randy,

    Measure your dogs chest right behind the front leg at its widest part. You will then choose the corresponding size in the pull down menu. This Harness is very adjustable and is only available in two options.

    Thank you,
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    Answer provided by:  Anna Barlage (8/23/2018)
    Q: can you help me choose a size? I have a basset/lab mix (shaped like a basset) about 60 pounds. Her lower neck near the shoulders is 23", chest is 29" and belly (right behind the ribs) is 23". she's kind of in between, should i go with the smaller of the two sizes? she's 12 and just lost a hind leg to cancer, i thought this might be a good option for a little extra walking support. can you also tell me how long the harnesses are (from the neck down the back?) this will give me a better idea of where the harness might sit. thank you!!
    Asked by: Lisa Andrejczyk - 9/2/2018
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