Hurtta Torrent Coat - Mud Brown

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Hurtta Torrent Coat - Mud Brown
The best coat ever made, Hurtta Torrent Coat
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    Brand new color for fall/winter 2015/2016. Keep your dog dry, clean, and happy with the Torrent Coat, the new Raincoat from Hurtta which will be taking over from the old model Rain Coat. Several improvements include: Neck cover and better coverage of the shoulders. Re-closeable opening on the back to feed a leash through to a harness. It also has a button that buttons underneath the tail (like the Ultimate Warmer) which makes the coat drape around the dogs back end and fit securely even in really windy weather. The fit has vastly improved with this new design. Elasticated hind leg straps ensures that the coat stays in position on even the most active dogs. Waterproof and breathable shell made from Houndtex® material. Thin elastic mesh lining and no insulation. 3M reflectors for added safety and visibility. Mashine washable. Suitable for any shape of dog like Border Collie, Poodle, Havanese, Golden Retriever, Rat Terrier etc.

    To determine what size your dog needs, measure the back length from withers to base of tail like shown in the video below. The back length is the most important measurement as the neck and chest are both very adjustable.
    This color is only available in sizes 12"-26". For smaller and bigger sizes, please see the Torrent Coat in Black and Cherry here.

    Please note that these coats are not indestructible. They are made from technical lightweight materials to ensure comfortable fit and freedom of movement. They are not made from rip-stop material. The bungie cord in the neckline is not intended to hook a leash to. It will not hold up to the pressure of a dog pulling.

    Size Chart for Torrent Coat from Hurtta:


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    • Waterproof:Keep your dog dry
    • Adjustable:For the perfect fit
    • Great Fit:Stays in place on even very active dogs
    • Size range:Fits smallest to largest breeds of dogs

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