Hurtta Lifeguard Padded Harness - Yellow 22"

Part Number:930765
Hurtta Lifeguard Padded Harness - Yellow 22"
Hurtta Padded Harness, 3 colors
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    The Hurtta Lifeguard series has been discontinued!
    Hurtta Padded Harness in High Visibility Fluorescent colors. Designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. The harness fits the dog well and stays on firmly. Made from Nylon and padded with Neoprene which is gentle on the skin and coat and doesn't rub. Waterproof and practical design which is easy to use and take care of. Handle on top makes it easy to grab hold of the dog when needed. Leash attaches to ring on the handle. The big sizes (35" and 47") also have a ring on each side. Highly visible 3M reflectors for added safety. Available in Pink, Yellow and Orange in 10 sizes (14"-  47"). Matching Leash available. Click here for Size Chart.
    The chest is the important measurement for the harnesses. 

    Size Chart for Hurtta Padded Harness
     Size cm / inch Neckline cm / inch Chest cm / inch
     14" / 35cm15" / 37cm 12"-14" / 30-35cm 
     18" / 45cm16" / 40cm  16"-18" / 40-45cm
     22" / 55cm 17" / 42cm18"-22" / 45-55cm 
     24" / 60cm 18" / 45cm21"-24" / 52-60cm 
     28" / 70cm22" / 55cm 24"-28" / 60-70cm 
     32" / 80cm24" / 60cm 28"-32" / 70-80cm 
     35" / 90cm28" / 70cm 32"-35" / 80-90cm 
     39" / 100cm30" / 75cm 32"-39" / 80-100cm 
     43" / 110cm33" / 85cm 35"-43" / 90-110cm
     47" / 120cm35" / 90cm 39"-47" / 100-120cm 


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    • Very strong and durable
    • 3M reflectors
    • Neoprene padding
    • Machine washable

    Customer Reviews

    5 Stars
    Great for comfort and safety!
    Bought this in the pink for our 18 month old Dobergirl. It has been a wonderful addition to our equipment for keeping her safe and letting her have fun. We've used it in the dark, rain, and snow to help make the black dog more visible to us and to any possible passing vehicles with the bright color and reflective tape. The harness is great for keeping her tags on her while letting her run in places with limbs and brush that could hook a collar and trap or strangle her. The handle is also great for a quick grab or to hold her in place. The material has gotten soaked in the rain and snow and has held its color and quality without rubbing hair off. Highly recommend these.
    Did you find this helpful?  5 of 5 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Aurora, Colorado. on 3/1/2013
    5 Stars
    Practical & Stylish
    We are comfortable and stylish when we do K9 Nosework!
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from California. on 6/20/2013
    5 Stars
    Best harness ever.
    I have a lot of trouble with harnesses with my dog. She's a bull mastiff and she's rather large. All of the harnesses I find for her are either too small or way to complicated to get on. This harness was different. It was super easy to put on and she loves it.
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Daytona beach, Florida. on 11/5/2013
    5 Stars
    Hurtta Harness
    Brilliant item in itself but even better that it is fluorescent yellow especially good on a dark evening when my dog is off the lead. its very padded so theres no rubbing on the dog. my dog is happy to wear it and its so easy to put on - just slips over the head instead of having to lift the dogs legs up like most harnesses. Like it so much im going to buy another for my other dog :)
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from England. on 5/19/2012
    5 Stars
    Purchase the 18 inch pink fluorescent harness for my 9 1/2 pound toy Manchester terrier and she eagerly slides her head into it when it's time to go out. Doesn't rub under her front legs and fits well. My socks looks like a professional and her hurtta lifesaver collar!
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Henderson, nv. on 6/16/2014
    5 Stars
    Hurta Harness
    Sturdy and very well made product with plenty of well-placed padding. Easy on-off with a single clasp. The fluorescent feature is an added bonus. This harness is a very good fit on our collie.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Washington State. on 6/5/2014
    5 Stars
    A Great Harness!
    I Am really happy with the orange one i got for my male doberman it looks great very well made. i really recommend it.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Missouri. on 6/6/2013
    5 Stars
    Beautiful in Orange!
    Picked up this harness in orange for an almost 1 year old Doberman. It's already been put to the test on hikes, new company at our house and a trip to the vet. Super simple to put on, great support, easy to grab on to handle and doesn't rub like other harnesses we've tried in the past. Thank you Hurtta and Euro Dog Designs!
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Spencer, IN. on 3/22/2012
    1 Stars
    Dont fit doberman
    Hurtta Padded Harness dont mach well with a strong doberman, i tried 3 harnesess and the all broke in the seems bye the pulling ring. Not becouse my dog is allways pulling, but sometimes he wants to smell the roses on the other side of where we walk and the sudden pull make the break. So the harness has a week spot when it comes to heavy and strong dogs like a doberman. I would go for something more exspensive
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Kragero. on 6/17/2017
    5 Stars
    Best Harness
    Excellent! Especially appreciate the individual, immediate call-back help from Katja. Great harness. Guessing it is, actually, best harness made.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from CO. on 8/3/2015

    Questions and Answers

    Q: My dog's chest measures 30" but I only see 28" and 32" available. Is there a 30"?
    Asked by: TheDreadedWoodenSpoon - 9/4/2014
    A: Hello
    The size indicates how big the harness adjusts out to, so if your dog has a 30" chest, you will need size 32" harness.
    Thank you,
    Was this answer helpful?  1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
    Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/5/2014)
    Q: I'm interested in the padded harness in one of the colors for my doberman. Her chest measures exactly 35 - and your note says that these run small, but the larger size specs seem much larger. What do you think? Order up?
    Asked by: Amy - 10/8/2014
    A: Hi Amy
    Your question was asked on the Fluorescent harnesses, but you seem to be asking about the Special Color harnesses?
    If you need one of the Fluorescent then size 35" will be fine.
    If you want one of the special colors (red, blue, juniper etc) then you need to go up a size as they run smaller than the others and therefore don't match up with the size chart.
    Thank you,
    Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
    Answer provided by:  Administrator (10/8/2014)
    Q: How wide are the straps on the Hurtta Lifeguard Harness?
    Asked by: Candy - 6/24/2016
    A: Hi Candy.
    The width of the straps go up with the size of the harness. They start just under 1" on the smallest size and go wider with every other size. The biggest sizes are just over 1" wide.
    Thank you,
    Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
    Answer provided by:  Administrator (8/2/2017)
    Q: My toy poodle's chest measurement is between sizes. He measures 15 to 15 1/2 inches. Would the 18 inch fit him? Can it be made smaller? I am afraid the 14" size will be too tight.
    Asked by: Laurie - 8/1/2017
    A: Hi Laurie.
    The size of the harness indicates how big the chest strap adjusts out.
    So size 18" is the correct size for your dog. 14" would be too small.
    Thank you,
    Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
    Answer provided by:  Administrator (8/2/2017)
    Q: Hey I was wondering if the Lifeguard harness fit true to size my dog has a 35 in chest. And was wondering what size I should order... can you help me?
    Asked by: Patch O Pits - 9/24/2017
    A: Hi Patch O Pits
    They are true to size, but if your dog has a big neckline/front you may want to go a size up and adjust the chest in to fit.
    Thank you,
    Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
    Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/24/2017)

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